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Divorce Appraisals

Two parties in a divorce go before a judge to settle a valuation dispute. One party brings a written and detailed USPAP-compliant Appraisal, prepared by a professional and impartial Personal Property Appraiser, which reports that value is "$xxxxxx". This Appraisal report includes both photographs and details of what comparable items have sold for recently.

The second party brings nothing but their personal verbal opinion that the personal property is worth "$yyyyyy".

Guess who the judge is going to rule for.

Do you need help with a Divorce Appraisal? A professional Divorce Appraisal can be worth its weight in gold in a Divorce situation and you should never go into court without one.

A Divorce Appraisal is an Opinion of Value, set forth by a qualified and experienced Appraiser, based upon thorough research into what comparable items have recently sold for, in current and comparable markets. We are based in Doylestown (Bucks County) PA and have extensive experience in this area, and we can help clients deal with most forms of Divorce Appraisals. Whether dealing with Fine Art, Antiques, Collectibles, & Decorative Accessories, or just standard Household Items, Furniture, China & Glass, Tools, Firearms, Vehicles, etc., we can make an itemized listing of any personal property in question, photograph it, place a fair, balanced and impartial current market value on any items involved in the divorce, and bring it all together in an clear and professionally-prepared Appraisal Report.

A good Divorce Appraisal can offer you many benefits, including:

  • Protecting your interests in court.
  • Reduced attorney fees and litigation time.
  • Faster negotiations.
  • Irrefutable evidence of authenticity and value.
  • Expert Witness testimony in court to back up the appraised values, if necessary.

Why Michael Ivankovich Divorce Appraisals?

  • 35+ years of Personal Property experience.
  • GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser).
  • MPPA (Master Personal Property Appraiser).
  • USPAP-compliant Appraisals.
  • Licensed & Bonded Pennsylvania Auctioneer.
  • Past Pennsylvania "Auctioneer of the Year".
  • Author of numerous books, eBooks, articles, and trade paper columns.
  • Consultant and Public Speaker.
  • We serve the entire Greater Philadelphia PA area and beyond

Questions? Call us at (215)-345-6094 or eMail is at: [email protected]

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