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Preliminary Narrative Appraisals
For Attorneys, Banks, Executors, & Fiduciaries

Sometimes you find yourself dealing with an estate or personal property situation where you are uncertain whether there is sufficient value to warrant the expense of a complete appraisal. For these situations we offer Preliminary Narrative Personal Property Appraisals which can be especially helpful for Attorneys, Banks, Executors and Fiduciaries. With a Preliminary Narrative Appraisal we can personally inspect the estate or personal property situation and provide a quick, low cost written opinion of value in order to help our clients decide whether a more detailed USPAP Appraisal is warranted.

More specifically, we can personally inspect the personal property and issue a written narrative report which provides:

  • A general situation overview.
  • A categorical breakdown of various personal property categories such as furniture, art, glassware, jewelry, personal items, vehicles, etc.
  • Identification of items that may have above-average value.
  • Vehicle specifics (VIN, mileage, condition, etc).
  • A Valuation Summary Total which provides a ballpark range of value of what we saw.
  • Asset disposition suggestions and recommendations.
  • Digital images, where appropriate or upon request.
  • This narrative will adhere to USPAP guidelines and protocol.

When our schedule permits, we can often offer same day service.


Call us at (215)-345-6094 to discuss your personal property appraisal needs.

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